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Rain Drop Project

Because small rivers make big oceans, A-freak-A has set up its action in Senegal towards water this summer.

There in Senegal, water is definitively rare and precious, that's why the "Rain Drop Project" works on setting up rain water recuperator. This water, once stocked will be used for fabric dyies.

Fabric dyies consume a lot of water, therefore, in order to step forward in our action, we are also building a system that recycle grey water from dyies in order to reuse it in the whole dyie cycle.

Here are few pictures from our work last july to show you the first results of this promising program, carried on by the Quiksilver Initiative Foundation.

We are on the good way to strengthen the same river that will make turn our mill of solidarity and that will end up in a cleaner ocean.

A Rain Drop in the desert

A short news from Senegal to let you know about the Rain Drop Project, a program about building rain collecting units, linked to a recycling system that will allow to reuse old dyies water again.

The construction plans are made, we should be ready to start the works by next month. The recent water shortage in Dakar especially as well as all around the country lead us to think that we are working in the right direction.

This program, supported by the Aquitaine region, the Pyrénées Atlantiques department and the Quiksivler Iniative foundation, goes even further. To ensure our next generation's future, we are leading the opening of a profesional training center here in Ndem, assisted the precious support from Mbao, as a specialist in education and profesional training.

Help us continue this programme with a new limited edition of handcrafts, soon available online., and don't forget our mojo : we're together! 

Découvrez notre film "Le commerce équitable en marche..."

Découvrez notre film évoquant notre approche du commerce équitable en marche au travers de témoignages de nos partenaires de Mbao au Sénégal.


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